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Delivering Quality Residential Development Services for Your Home and Community

At Ideal, we strive hard to deliver the most homelike experience for you. We specialize in developing and constructing residential properties, such as single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments.

Being focused on residential development at the beginning of our work, we have developed several state-of-art comfortable living housing projects including Ideal Colony Phase - 1, Ideal Enrich, and Ideal Embark. Currently, we are working on our ongoing residential projects including Ideal Colony Phase - 2, and Green Avenue.

We have provided comfortable and affordable homes to more than 13k people in Kolhapur, marking the top-selling residential developers in the city.

Ideal developers always try to help to meet the demand for housing and create new communities

With our team of professionals, including architects, engineers, and real estate agents, we plan & execute development projects. Through our years of expertise, we navigate a complex web of regulations and zoning laws to ensure that the project is compliant and meets all necessary safety and environmental standards.

We focus on incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices into our development services, such as using renewable energy sources, energy-efficient building materials, and sustainable landscaping techniques.

Our Residential Projects are inspired by nature and facilitated with world-class amenities to provide a surpassed experience of living with important landmarks in close vicinity.

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We deliver what we promise!

Our residential projects in Kolhapur are the Best affordable residential project in Kolhapur. It is located in close proximity to all essential amenities and offers several world-class facilities and amenities. The project offers the best of the luxuries at an affordable price.

It is well-connected to schools, banks, malls, parks and hospitals, and offers a convenient lifestyle to its residents. The project is well-planned and offers comfortable living spaces for families.

It is equipped with top-notch safety features and has well-maintained gardens and playgrounds. It has a good track record of successful completion and is one of the best residential projects in the city.