The Ideal Construction

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About us

About Us

Behind the scenes of building your Ideal Home

Success comes from the desire to do extraordinary things to reach beyond the status quo and relentlessly chase your dreams. At Ideal Construction we don’t just build homes but believe in creating a happy vibrant community.

The Ideal Construction and Atul Powar are synonyms of each other. After starting the company in 2001, He has worked consistently to mark his unique presence in the real estate sector of Kolhapur. Atul is known for his ethics and transparency in all his works which has led to garnering trust and faith not just his customers but also of common Kolhapurkars. He believes in creating not just home but a whole bunch of vibrant communities (to make first home buyer people dream in real).


This gave birth to the concept floated by company called "Comfortable yet affordable homes which will fit in your budget". Atul Powar aspires to deliver not just a home with construction of walls but a light of hope, dreams and the happiness of a family. He loves to travel places, gather the best and implement it in the projects constructed by the companies.

There are very few woman entrepreneurs in the field of real estate. Mrs. Archana Powar is one of them, She is not just life partner of Mr. Atul Powar but also business partner.

She makes sure that all the projects developed by ideal have the touch of "Home Maker". She makes every customer feel at home when they come to the site and understand their requirements by heart and makes her best to deliver personalised home for everyone.




Our Milestones

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Ideal Enrich

Ideal Enrich is a residential project we just delivered in Sane Guruji Area.

Total Flats: 15


Ideal Embark

Also a residential project of comfort homes with total built up of 10000 sq.ft in Sane Guruji, an upcoming urban suburb of Kolhapur

Total Flats: 41


Ideal Colony phase 1


Ideal Colony Phase 2

Launching Kolhapur’s biggest project is not an overnight dream. We have taken this bold step after completing many small steps in the journey. That includes many residential, commercial as well as industrial projects.

Total Flats: 550


Our Mission

If shelter is basic necessity for all, our mission is to continuously create homes that are affordable to all.


Our Vision

To create technically sound, aesthetically brilliant and innovation backed residential spaces.


Our Values

It is not just about constructing buildings, it is about constructing affordable homes for all.

Our Workplace

A Peek Into Our Office

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Our Team

Our Motivated Team

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